Every success, every victory is a motivation, so we can stand up from defeat. This is also true for everyday life. Sport has taught me, that time, precision, energy and willpower is indispensible for work and buisness alike. The technological advancement of today’s era alone doesn’t bring along the competitive spirit of the youth. That needs to be worked on. Technology can help success, but that is not enough in itself.


Reynard Zytek F 3000

Motor: Zytek-JUDD

0-100 km/h: 2,3 sec 0-200 km/h: 5 sec Vmax: 290-300 km/h


CAR: It means much, very much in my life, especially if we say „race car”.

TEAM: Very important, and i feel like the achieve unbelievable goals.

COMPETITION: Exciting story, great adventure.

GIVING UP: If caused by mechanical failure. Otherwise it’s unimaginable.

GOKART: Fond memories. I trust it will bring joy to many kids.

VICTORY, CHECKERED FLAG: The meaning of it all.

HUNGARORING: Slippery course, a great challange, i trust in august i won’t be a mere spectator.

STARTING LIGHTS: The race may depend on it.

IDOL: Sadly, idols always turn out to be people we lose, i say János Drapál, who we almost forgot, or even Csaba Kesjár…

POLE POSITION: Difficult, but good.

RIVALS: They’re good when they’re behind us.

LÁSZLÓ SZÁSZ: The future – i trust – is still open.



The idol of Szász Motorsport is a man, who, despite the turbulen nature of the system of the time, managed to race on a world class level. I have a long history with him... I remember as an apprentice, we waited for János Drapál like the Messiah, while cleaning in the Ikarus gokart factory. When he arrived, a short man with a gigantic Kawasaki bike, he came in the workshop to chat with Miklós Pekári tuning-master, we were surprised that he spoke with us apprentices, just as forthcoming as he would with the master. That meeting left a deep mark on me, i have not forgotten it to this day. During my sporting career  he was before my eyes as an example of a man, who could be a successful man in motorsports on a global level and still be a "natural" human in every aspect. I have felt the same while speaking with the great Ayrton Senna.