He started on the gokart at 14, and won the Hungarian Championship in two categories in 1986-87-88, winning 8 gokart titles in total. Meanwhile he achieved success in several international (swiss,austrian,italian) races.

In 1989 he participated in Formula C (the highest ranked Gokart category), and out of 170 contenders, fighting technical issues, he managed to finish 11th int he „34-finals”.

Also in 1989, driving a BMW M3 he finished second after József Cserkúti.

In 1990 he won the F3 International Super Cup ahead of the austrian Walter Lechner, who himself won the Interseries multiple times.

In 1991 and in 1992 he participated in the German F3 and the Opel Lotus Central European Cup (in Zeltweg he barely missed Pole position). Unfortunately, a lack of funds prevented him from further racing.

In 1993 he became the absolute champion of formula cars with an Opel Lotus.

In 1994 he ran in the Opel Astra series, and won both runs of the mountain race at Parád and set up a hungarian record on the track with his F-2 Martini BMW.


In 1995 he established Szász Motorsport.

He finished third in the Ayrton Senna Memorial Gokart Race, and again in a mountain race at Pécs. On this race he bid farewell to F2 and advance into F3000, the most prestigious title behind F1, and broke the hungarian track record on the Hungaroring in torrential rain, winning the race.

In 1996 he won the Hungarian Championship ( winning 6 races out of 8, giving up 2 for technical reasons), with a Reynard 93 D Zytek-Judd F3000. The Hungarian Championship Race at Parád, he won with absolute international record, in Pozony(Bratislava) he came in 2nd, breaking the record as well.

In 1997 he won the Hungarian and the Austrian F3000 championships( 5 victories and 2 second places, setting up 4 track records).

In 1998 he won the austrian championship again ( 7 victories). In the Interseries Cup Divison II ont he Hungaroring he came in 2nd.

In 1999 he won the Mobile Mountain Cup, and came in 2nd in the austrian mountain cup. As a VIP pilot he got the chance to test-drive the new F1 Porsche.

In 2000 he finished 2nd in FIA Cup, 4th int he Mobile Mountain Cup and 2nd int he austrian mountain race.

2002: FIA EC: 1st place, FIA Eastern-European Zone Cup: 2n place, Mobile Mountain Cup: 1st place, Asutrian Championship: 1st plac.

2005 along with many difficult races a great race in Spain: in may int he norhtern spanish town of Vito, in front of 70,000 spectators.

He close the year with a 2nd place int he FIA EC behind the spanish Ander Villarino.