Central European Zone, CEZ Hillclimb Championship  


2019. 05. 11-12. Zaluz (Poland)

2019. 05. 18-19. Skradin (Croatia)

2019. 25-26. Skopje (Macedonia)

2019. 06. 01-02. Kotor (Montenegro) 

2019. 06. 08-09. Kruja (Albania)

2019. 06. 15-16. Gorjanci (Slovenia)

2019. 06. 29-30. Kulla (Kosovo)

2019. 07. 06-07. Cetinje (Montenegro)

2019. 07. 13-14. Parádsasvár (Hungary)

2019. 08. 03-04. Banovce (Slovakia)

2019. 08. 10-11. Lucine (Slovenia)

2019. 08. 24-25. Ústi nad Orlicí (Czech Republic)

2019. 09. 21-22. St. Agatha (Austria) 

2019. 10. 05-06. Cividale del Friuli (Italy)

2019. 10. 12-13. Belgrade (Serbia)




2019. 04. 26-28. Rechberg (Austria) Hillclimb Championship

2019. 06. 29-30. Malacka (Split, Croatia) Croatia Championship

2019. 08. 02-04. Osnabrück (Germany) FIA Hillclimb Championship

2019. 08. 30-02. Ilirska Bisztrica (Croatia) European Hillclimp Championship, Croatia Championship

2019. 09. 13-14. Buzet  (Croatia) Croatia Championship, FIA Hillclimb Championship



Cazin, Bosnia. August 17-18, 2019.

In the terrible heat, due to a great tyre selection, I managed to break my own track record from last year. From now, 2: 08.687 minutes is the new lap record on this difficult track which has barely straight sections.
Along this record, we managed to finish in the 1st place in our category as well as in overall standing, in both Central European Cup and in the Croatian-Bosnian Championship.
I am extremely grateful to all members of my team, the helpers for their flawless and persistent work and to the organizers for their excellent hospitality, atmosphere and for hosting this great event! See you next year!


Albania, Kruje, 2019: 

„Although the following race was held in early September, I just received the pics recently. For the first time in my career I raced in Albania accepting the invitation of the AutoClub of Albania. The event was held about 20 kilometers from the capital, near the small town of Krujë (Kruja in Albanian), which is located between Mount Krujë and the Ishëm river. It is an amazing place, I recommend it to everyone, the organization and hospitality was impeccable as well. The bonus was that I managed to win the race and claimed the Skenderbej trophy. Next year I intend to return and try to defend this title!”